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4159113Volunteers across the country are teaching Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters curriculum, and we need you! The Capital Area Food Bank provides cooking and nutritional education clas­ses to low-income families in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. By empowering families with the skills and the knowledge to cook for themselves on a budget, you’ll set them on a path to live a healthier life.

Responsibilities: Teach a six-week cooking and nutrition education class series to a group of 12-16 participants using the lesson plans and recipes for each class provided by established curricula. Prepare materials and ingredients before each class and clean up the host site space after each class. Provide instruction, discussion, and support during the entire class. Supplement instruction with your own knowledge and expertise. Work as a member of a team and assist fellow members.

Volunteer Work Schedule: 3 hours a day, one day a week, for six consecutive weeks (2 hours for class, 1/2 hour for set-up, and 1/2 hour for clean-up) plus lesson planning and preparation time on own. Prior to the course, volunteers must also attend a training session and a pre-course planning meeting.

Qualifications: Be patient, positive, and excited about the course. Have experience with teaching, leadership or public speaking. Be able to stand for two hours and lead a hands-on cooking and nutrition education class. Have a dedication to alleviating poverty and hunger. Have an interest in working with low-income individuals with diverse backgrounds. Be willing to be trained in Cooking Matters curricula and able to get to the class location. Express a willingness to work as a team and adhere to program policies and procedures.

Culinary Instructor Role Requirements: Professional training or experience in the culinary industry, at least 1-2 years, is preferred but possession of proficient cooking skills is adequate. Experience with culinary education or teaching is a plus. Highly motivated and experienced senior culinary school students are also great!

For more information about sharing your strength, please contact Livia Berg.

Livia Berg | Cooking Matters Coordinator | Capital Area Food Bank

P. (202) 644.9800 ext 667 | CAFB (202) 644-9800 | F. (202) 529-1767


4900 Puerto Rico Ave NE, Washington, DC 20017