Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes December 2020
NCCA Board Meeting Secretaries notes Monday 12/28/20
Zoom call 11:00:
-Call to order (such as it is now)
In attendance:
Greg Sharpe, President elect
James Barrett, Vice President elect
Will Rogers, Treasurer elect
William Allison, Secretary elect
Steve Ryder, Secretary outgoing
-Upcoming meeting
Next board meeting is scheduled as a Zoom call on Monday 01/11/21 at 10:00.
Greg would you like to set an agenda prior to the start of the meeting?
Will Rogers can you set this up?
-New world
In the current environment everyone getting together (as a chapter, a board or any other group gathering) is gone for now. We now live in the Zoom/MS Teams/GoToMeeting/TikTok world. With that getting speakers may be easier and we can schedule shorter more frequent meetings. We can add this content to the website (via a link or otherwise formatting the page) with an expiration date.
-Content and Scheduling Events
We can do an event every other month or more frequently if we have the content.
Introduce short demos (or long demos) from guest speakers or from our members.
If we choose to and are able to do so we can add Continuing Education Hours (CEH’s) to the demos and require something in the comment section to receive the credit (or an email, text, DM, post to ACF Forum) in this brave new world.
Greg can reach out to National as ask for more CEH’s to improve attendance, participation and viewership.
As we move forward the first live or in person event with date/time/content TBD has a very tentative date of May 2021. All essential and mandated safety protocol in place for the jurisdiction of the event should be observed.
A BBQ Fest along the lines of the cancelled May 2020 event at The Cannon Club is in play.
Cosmos club in play for an in person event but not until Fall or Winter of 2021 for fairly obvious reasons.
-New members
With the last 10 months behind us now may be a good time to try and bring in new members looking to advance or restore their careers. The current labor pool is vast and looking for a return to anything resembling the pre Covid world.
-Looking for Members to fill Leadership roles
Instead of pursuing individuals to fill positions (open chairs on the board) it may be better to pursue members willing to lead basically any forward moving activity from lead or co-lead on a meeting or event, demo online or any other content producing activity.
-Golf Tournament
James and Steve will look for tentative dates on the calendars of The Cannon Club and Hidden Creek Country Club. I think late July would be a good place to start at HCCC. Donor’s and Sponsor’s because of the current situation may be an issue but there are vendor’s and businesses that have been positioned to do more than survive in the last 10 months who could be in play and want to be seen. Country Club Managers of America (CCMA) is a resource worth exploring. A benefactor (Greg has suggested an organization to the benefit of those with cancer) for the event is in order.
Greg has proposed paying the NCCA portion of membership for the 2021 calendar year for members and having the chapter take the hit. The logistics of such an offering need to be worked out.
There is a proposed happy hour Zoom meeting and/or a wine tasting Zoom meeting.
Start a shared calendar for the 2021 year.
And again, Next board meeting is scheduled as a Zoom call on Monday 01/11/21 at 10:00.
ACF National has on the website the following:
Chef Forums are scheduled for Pittsburgh March 6-8, St. Louis March 27-29, Nashville April 11-14 and Tucson April 17-19 and the National Convention in Orlando July 11-15 because nothing says ACF National like July in Orlando.
Meeting Minutes January 2020

NCCA Board Meeting Secretaries notes Tuesday, 1/14/20

Canon Club 10:00:

-Call to order
Roll call:
Greg Sharpe, President
James Barrett, Vice President
Will Rogers, Treasurer
Chris Britton, Past President & Chairman of the Board unless I have made an error the past president is also chairman of the board
Wildron Knowles, Member
Steve Ryder, Secretary
-Upcoming meeting spots/calendar
March is the next business/chapter meeting with the date & time TBD but the leader in the clubhouse is Atlas Brew Works with Ivy City Smokehouse and we will invite the Brew master and smoke master being invited to speak
-Guest speakers for events
The six of us is to each come up with a speaker; initial ideas are due in one week (01/21/20) and are non-binding. We will try and have this nailed down no later than 02/17/20. We are just trying to get some ideas who we may be able to have come in and due the educational/speaking portion of our chapter meeting (s). Once we have an idea who we may be able to bring in we as a board will work to “fill in the boxes” of, but not limited to, the following:
The speaker & what the speaker will bring to the table, date, time & location of the event, what if anything we are charging for members and non-members for the event, any and all charges and expenses associated with the event, meeting agenda, number of CEC’s available for the meeting.

-Golf tournament
Working on a date, trying to avoid being too close to the GBC golf event. James is suggesting 04/27 at the Cannon Club. James and/or Greg will reach out to Jimmy Sturdgel of US Food. If we are going with the spring date, we need to start to line up sponsors.
Last year the golf event earned about $2000.00
Chef Connect Nashville 03/22-03/24
Greg and Chris are going to Nashville
Chef Connect Seattle 03/01-03/03
No one is attending
-Treasurer’s Report
The website & the services of Laura Pilcher are $190.00 a month.
The chapter has ~$6800.00 in the apprentice account and more on that below
The chapter has ~9000.00 in the bank account
The chapter has combined in two investment accounts ~$130,000.00 depending on how the accounts are doing at any given time. Will has the actual total’s, but the secretary was late so here you go.

-Budget for 2020
Work in progress; a shell/sample has been distributed but until we have a calendar, we will have no firm numbers.
-Committee Chairs
Many open chairs

Apprentice Program
The Apprentice program has been dissolved. We have ~$6800.00 in the account that we need to have get to work as it is not earning any money. If we pursue something in place of the Apprentice Program what will it look like and where will the students come from. Stratford may be the only viable option with the Pittsburgh Culinary Academy also being brought up. In exchange for paying the annual dues for anyone in the program we may require a points system based on participation in various chapter functions. HCAT is locked up by GBC and Chef John Johnson but we do want to make sure we continue give exposure to chapter from within the industry.
We need to update the bios on the website for the chapter officers
Clean up and add content to website
Secretary is to reach out to new members once he has figured out use the portal
We have 145 members of which 112 are professional, 11 student, 9 culinarian, 6 senior professional, 5 associate, 1 each allied and culinary enthusiast

Minutes for March 2015
Joint Board meeting Monday March 16th, 2015
Stafford University, Baltimore MD
Call to order (sort of) 3:15 PM
Rich Hoffman
Eric Yeager
Janet Canfield
Len King
Michael Levins
Elena Clement – my comments and additions highlighted in yellow
Patty Henley
Steve Ryder
Agenda as sent out by Rich Hoffman:
Official wrap to conference chef connect
2015-2016 meeting schedules and locations-Wisconsin cheese board
Competition-Stratford Alexandria VA-categories, sponsorships per event, judges, accommodations,
Membership drive and retention
Junior Olympic team fundraising dinner possible in Baltimore with the chains de rotisseur
Combined Christmas/awards gala/ball-location, ticket price, committee, donations, and sponsors
Chapter(s) of the year award for Regional/National
Chef/Pastry chef of the year award Regional/National
Chapter awards locally to be held in November. Nominations to be received no later than October
Golf Tournaments
Fall Certification test at Anne Arundel or VA Stratford
Thank you cards for sponsors for chef connect-signing
Master Chef Classes/master butchery classes for 2015-2016
National Convention plans on attending
ACF Apprenticeship program co-sponsored between chapters and chairman for program
Escoffier Society launch for Baltimore and DC.
AAC Dinner 2016
Symposiums for the next year
-End of Conference wrap up for Chef Connect Baltimore
The total “yield” could have been $12,000 but from this deduct $2,000 for equipment so that the
chapters did not have to deal with it.
Total (combined) for the two chapters is $13,405 minus $865 for the ice leaving $12,540.00 to be
split between the Greater Baltimore chapter and the Nation’s Capital chapter (yea).
The pins and the other items sold by the chapters are not included in this and we still have these
items for sale; the amount of money raised for team USA in the 50/50 raffle was $1070 and I need
someone to fill in the blank.
I am also unsure how much money was raised from the other raffle items and how this is dispersed.
Raffle Money was used to pay for the bill generated other than the Ice. Elena has the exact money
totals. Raffle money raised was $1770
I am also unsure about additional remaining expenses from the conference other than thank you
cards to McCormick’s, Under the Olive Tree, Coastal Sunbelt Produce, the printer, the oyster trophy
people and/or Patrick Hudson the oyster guy and I do not know who else. The 50/50 raffle will
appear again under “checking boxes”.
We have no other costs except postage of mailing thank you cards which we already have in our
Conference appears to have been very well received; comments include top 2 out of 20 from some
of the attendees who go to a lot of these conferences. Most attendees were said to be “happy”. AAC
dinner that I did not attend at the Maryland Club was described as good.
Negatives include the weather, the dates (Valentine’s Day on Saturday and President’s day on
Monday) and a few other items that are not going to be seen in writing from me.
Should you write the last part of this sentence if you are not going to put it in writing?
-2015/1016 meeting schedule remains a work in progress
The Wisconsin Cheese Board is a group that we could invite in for an event/meeting (should be a
joint meeting for sure) sometime during 2016. Now having used Google and “The Wisconsin Cheese
Board” I am unsure as to the exact group from Wisconsin that is involved with cheese we are talking
about because (and this should surprise no one) there are more than one.
It is the Wisconsin Cheese board
Do we want to/can we do an AAC dinner in 2016? How many members/friends of either chapter are
actual AAC members?
I am looking for a different location and AAC members to participate. I was informed the NCCA only
has two members.
-Competition-Stratford Alexandria currently scheduled for Saturday and Sunday August 15th-16th
Guidance from the board (s) is needed in a number of areas but three in particular: date (s), location
and judges. I have been led to believe these should be settled 6 months out.
First the Alexandria site has roof damage that has led to equipment failure; Stevie Raymond is the
hosting Chef and has expressed concern over the event (is the sky falling?). Do we move forward
with the Alexandria site and hope for the best?
A lot of work needs to be done for the competition including but not limited to: lining up judges,
accommodations and categories, lining up volunteers, sponsorship, award, location, dates and times
If the location changes do the dates change? Stratford Baltimore is unable to host on a Saturday or a
Monday and would prefer not to host at all because of staff members who want to compete
Michael Levins said that Howard CC is two years away from being able to host a competition
The last competition at Stratford Woodbridge the NCCA paid $1500.00 for damage to a wall
Is HCAT an option? What about Columbia?
If we do mystery basket competitions we will also need to secure donations. I would also like to put
feelers out to see if any other companies would be interested in sponsoring the prize money for
different competitions. Minor’s has always sponsored the K competitions.
The date backs up to the golf event at Belle Haven on Monday August 17th though how much one
affects the other as far as participation should be minimal. The board (s) has to figure out who needs
to be present at which events.
-Junior Olympic Team Fundraiser in Baltimore with Chaîne des Rôtisseurs
Ideas include a popup restaurant or a unique venue or both; Richardson Farms of White Marsh or a
similar location.
Does either chapter include or have a contact within la Chaine? I will ask Greg Sharpe and Jennifer
The Chaine in DC. In Baltimore our ACF chapter already do an annual dinner for them.
-Combined Christmas/awards gala/ball event
January (probably with Matchbox in Rockville mentioned as a possible site) at a site to be
determined; more of a stations and cash bar (tickets?) arrangement than a formal reception
followed by a sit down dinner. Need a committee to determine the ways and means, sponsors,
costs, prices and donations
-Application for Chapter of the year
A number of boxes need to be checked to be seriously considered for this including but not limited
to hosting a regional conference (thank you Elena and Rich), hosting a culinary competition, raising
(giving) money to Team USA, community service, growth in and retention of members, meetings,
total number of members attending National and more.
Among other items is members recognized with National Awards which leads to the question has
anyone reached out to Derrick Davenport, ACF Northeast Region Chef of the Year and Jason
Buscovich, ACF Northeast Region Pastry Chef of the Year? YES, I am in contact with both chefs for
multiple reasons. What is your thought on “has anyone reached out”?
Does the application for Chapter of the year go under the heading of both chapters or does each
chapter do one individually? This is the lead in for later in the notes.
-Golf Tournaments
The Monday August 17th event at BHCC is on the calendar; I will reach out to Greg Sharpe who I
know needs golfers, prizes, golfers, sponsors, golfers, volunteers and more. I am unfamiliar with the
fundraiser that was done by the Central Maryland chapter (Danny’s Day) of the ACF that was merged
with the Greater Baltimore chapter but if they are at least a few months apart I do not see any
reason we cannot be at least a supporter of both.
Danny’s day is in August but is not a chapter fundraising event. I would like to explore a spring
tournament for the Baltimore Chapter as not to interfere with the NCCA’s tournament.
-Fall Certification at Anne Arundel, Lincoln Tech or VA Stratford
Stratford in Baltimore hosted a certification on 03/16/15 and quite frankly the Baltimore chapter has
a very high level of certification already meaning hosting again in the near future is unlikely. The
calendar currently shows a practical exam at HCAT in Glen Burnie with the date TBD; this may not
happen and we need to look at the need/want and costs of doing a practical exam.
Is there more candidates interested in DC/Northern Virginia market to have a higher draw
-Master Chef Classes/master butchery classes for 2015/2016
There are Chefs/Instructor’s doing advanced culinary classes (Rosendale and others) that can count
for CEH’s and are excellent training and many are using as CMC Pretoria classes. Classes that include
a syllabus, clearly stated goals and objectives and a questionnaire, 6-15 students, 8 to 16 hours of
instruction over one or two days at of cost of anywhere from $300 to $700 per student
Do we want to try and arrange for one or more of these classes over the 2015/2016 time frame?
Is there any chefs that the Chefs in the NCCA/DC/Northern Virginia market would like to see or have
interest in attending their classes?
-National Convention in Orlando, FL
We need a head count on who is attending Elena is attending
-ACF Apprenticeship Program
Do the two chapters want to co-sponsor the apprenticeship programs with a single chair?
Should we try to recruit right out of Pro-Start? Rich may have a business who can help with
placement and use a pay for play to keep the apprentices employed and learning while they work.
I would also like to suggest we pick a chef to take ownership/head up this initiative AAC member
that is CEC or CCE
-Do we want to be involved in a launch of an Escoffier Society Chapter for the Baltimore/Washington
DC area?
This is not associated with the ACF, but we would need 15 to 20 people to start the chapter. I have
the information.
Do we not have enough going on already?
-Symposiums for next year
There was one on Caviar this past year; ideas include seeing what RAM has, Hudson Bay foie gras,
local farms and something pastry Valrhona chocolate. We are open to ideas and to chefs who would
like to host them. It is a charged
-We are having a conversation about the two chapters; nothing more and nothing less.
Currently the Greater Baltimore Chapter has 140 members and I do not know how many of these
members are from the Central Maryland Chapter and the NCCA has 183
The two chapters have been working closely; clearly there is value there as the Chef Connect
conference shows. Co-hosting competitions together also has value and each member of each board
should consider if we want to continue to develop this relationship and what form this development
should take. Both chapters have a small core group that keep things going and both could use more
participation from the rest of the membership.
A membership drive/move to retain current members would be great.
Three to four joint Meetings a year
Combining activities to save money spread the risk and continue to expand the network and brand
I know I missed some items; please review and give feedback as time allows.
For the most part, the Greater Baltimore ACF chapter will doing most of these agenda items moving
forward. I really want to continue nurturing this relationship to benefit all of the members in the
Greater Baltimore/Washington area.
Thank you, Steve
Minutes October 2014
October 20, 2014 Meeting Minutes: Culpeper Gardens, Arlington, VA
6:30 – 7:15 Meet and Greet food buffet, bar and vendors
7:15 – 7:40 Meeting called to order by Chris Britton. Items discussed:
• Pledge of Allegiance or introductions were not done due to time constraints and a lack of a quorum.
• Golf tournament and funds distribution: Total of $14,300 collected. After expenses and administrative
costs, $3000 will be donated to 2 charities ($1500 to Chef and Child + $1500 to Campagna Center – Greg
Sharpe has the check).
• Apprenticeship: NCCA is enrolling 6 apprentices at NOVA. Need chefs to take on apprentices later in the
semester. Need CEC or certifiable chefs. Don Shaw from Diet-to-Go can take one. Ray Riddle will be
Apprentice Chair and Chris Britton will be Coordinator.
• Committee Members needed for 2014-15 (Elena). Don Shaw can also help chair Apprentice. Anyone
interested in joining a committee needs to contact Elena.
• Upcoming Meetings (Elena): November 17th meeting at AUI. Suggested a 4pm start time to combat
• December holiday gathering is set for 12/15. As an update: we have confirmed the same place as last
year, Duclaw Brewing Company at Bowie Town Center, 4000 Town Center Blvd. Bowie, MD 20716 from
4-7pm. Open Bar and hors’. Members $25, Non-Members $35.
• Elections: Steve Ryder discussed the open nominations for the 2015-16 election years. Please submit all
nomination forms prior to Novermber 17th meeting at AUI.
• 2015 Regional Conference: Elena went over the upcoming conference dates and invited members to join
the planning committee along with the Baltimore ACF chapter. Anyone interested in helping out, please
contact Elena.
• The NCCA thanked:
o Host: Ray Riddle and Culpepper Garden (appreciation award was handed out)
o Sponsors: A-B, Sysco, Keany, Boston Beer Company
o Presenters: Oceana, A-B, Boston Beer Company
o Dinner: Arlington Career Center, Chef Natoli and students (each student was introduced and
appreciation awards were handed out).
• The business portion of the meeting was concluded at 7:45.
• Vendor Presentations ensued: 7:45 – 9:00.
o Adams Burch on FOH trends in tableware
o Oceana discussed Seafood Fraud
o SYSCO VA discussed food-cost savings
o Boston Beer Co. discussed beer tasting.